How to Fix Acer Aspire Device Manager Error Code 22?

The Error code 22 is one of the several Device Manager Acer Aspire issues. The code is revealed when a hardware device is disabled in your system Device Manager. It is found that the error 22 means device was manually disabled. Another reason for the occurrence of the problem is Windows is forced to disable the device due to lack of System resources. The way in which the problem is displayed is “This device is disabled. (Code 22)” It indicates that the devices are disabled in the Device Manager. It seems like the very simple matter to enable a machine from the Device Manager interface but in case the device fails to load than there are likely greater problem with the drivers.

Device Manager Error code 22 could apply to any hardware device manager, and any of the Microsoft Operating system such as any of the Windows Operating System installed from 10th version to XP.

Fix Acer Aspire Device Manager Error Code 22

Steps to Repair AcerAspire Error Code 22:

Step 1:Enable the Device which is disabled manually. Try enabling it without any worry when seeing a device manager disabled from you. Most of the time the error is fixed with this very first step

Step 2: Restart your Acer Aspire Laptop if you haven’t done yet. Always a chance that error code 22 is caused due to temporary failure of the hardware. If so restart the laptop now and might be the error code is fixed by now

Step 3: In case you recently made some changes in your Acer Aspire laptop just before the system came across Error Code 22. It is highly recommended to undo the changes as this can be the real cause of the Error Code.

Step 4: Reinstall the Driver

Step 5: Update the Driver for device chances that installing of latest driver could be the Code Error

Step 6: Clear the CMOS which is a complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor

Step 7: Update the BIOS settings this is another possibility might be the newer version of BIOS that pass system resource handling to Windows and correcting the Error Code 22

Step 8: You can move the device to a different expansion slot on the motherboard assume with the piece of hardware with error code 22 is expansion card of some kind.

Step 9: Replace the hardware device. Issues caused by the machine in itself might be the cause of Code 22 error in which best is to replace the affected hardware.


Hence, get your rightful working Acer Aspire Laptop after getting the issues resolved. You can connect with Acer Customer Support NZ forgetting the queries resolved which you came across when applying the steps mentioned above. Under the guidelines of qualified, skilled and capable technicians at Acer Support you can get rid of Error Code 22 instantly and immediately. Once in touch have the best of support solution any hour of day and night via online remote support. Feel yourself free to stay connected and repair the Acer Aspire Error Code.