How to Fix Acer Error Code 0xc0000185 on Windows 10?

All of a sudden when you start your Acer laptop met and with the blue screen showed up saying that your device has boot configuration data missing. A Blue Screen of Death Acer Error Code 0x0000185 appears on the start of laptop hence not letting your device boot into Windows. The cause of the problem is laptop is not able to access the partition or drive containing Windows due to loose cable or missing boot files. The Boot configuration data for your Laptop is missing some required information BSOD error which is a hexadecimal code 0xc0000185.

The error code indicates the fact that the bug is related to boot configuration data which has been corrupted. It is the laptop not booting unless any repair or remedies is not applied. The error code doesn’t occur in Windows OS exceptionally, but in case your Acer Laptop installed OS has met with the error which is the most vulnerable. You can follow the blog steps or connect with us to get rid of error which is activated by Windows Boot Manager Entry which is missing in the Boot Configuration Data store. The boot configuration Data is contains error BSOD error may also emerge due to the corruption of Boot\\BCD file.

The fall of a group of Windows fatal error because it prevents the system from booting and accessing the laptop LCD.

Fix Acer Error Code 0xc0000185

Steps to Repair Acer Code 0xc0000185:

Step 1:Plug-in or need to need to insert Windows 10 installation media and reboot the Laptop

Step 2: To install media press any key to boot

Step 3: Select language time, currency, and keyboard or input method and press Next

Step 4: Click to Repair your computer and select the type of OS you want to repair for

Step 5: Select for troubleshooting

Step 6: Need to select the advanced option and click on automatic repair or Startup Repair

Step 7:When the system detects the OS, select one that is running on your Acer Laptop

Step 8: Need to remove the USB or remove the DVD bootable media and try to boot your device.

Sometimes others are reporting that the fix is not possible using the Windows 10 installation media as possible ends up with the same BSOD. Then it is required to follow the below steps:

Step 1: Press the Power button and boot your Laptop

Step 2:Need to press f8 key repeatedly at booting time and select the option Repair Your Laptop

Step 3: Select command prompt and type the following on the command window such as




Finally these steps have helped you to fix boot configuration data error 0xc0000185. In case it does not work than it required you must connect with our qualified, efficient, and experienced technicians to get the error fixed. You can connect any hour of day and night to get the hexadecimal error resolved immediately and instantly. With no more delay, you can get your Acer laptop error issues resolved after getting in touch with us to call our Acer Technical Support toll free helpline- 098015144