How to Fix Acer Laptop Error Code 651?

The possibility that you might have come across Acer Laptop Error Code 651 if you are a Windows user. With no doubt, you have also faced many other errors as well as if you are using Windows Operating System. Acer Error Code 651 is caused when you try to establish an internet connection using PPPoE connections. The reasons behind the occurrence of various reasons such as following:

sys file have be saved in wrong location

Registry error

IP address conflict

As the error occurs, you must see an error which is displaying Error 651: the Modem has reported an error, and usually the message will be titled as “connection failed with error 651.” So you need to solve the error to have the correct working on Acer laptop without technical issues. There are some troubleshooting methods which worked for many users so you can collect some of the most working solutions that will help you to solve the error.

Fix Acer Laptop Error Code 651

Solutions to fix Acer Error 651 connection failed in Windows:

Solution 1: Connecting the router again with your Router or other connecting device

By reconnecting the internet using connecting device the error can be easily resolved. So in case you are using router then turn off your router and after a wait for 5minutes turn it on of if you are using LAN connection then unplug and then plug it back wire.

Solution 2: Need to reset the TCP/IP on your Laptop

Resetting the Windows networking stack can also solve error 651 and OS comes with the built-in tool you can use to do with the follow of the mentioned steps

Step 1: Launch the command prompt with administrative right.

Step 2: type the command netshintip reset reset.log and hit enter.

Step 3:Restart the laptop and if luckily enough the problem is solved.

Solution 3: Re-connect the dial up connection

Might be the device hanged the connection. So recreating your dial-up connection can also fix the error 651 easily and smoothly.

Step 1: Open network and sharing center and click on change adapter setting.

Step 2:Need to right-click on broadband or dial-up connection and select for creating the copy.

Step 3: The above step will create copy of your existing connection.

Step 4: With old connection and redial the new connection.

Solution 4: Need to disable auto-tuning feature

In case you are using a router then this the appropriate solution which can solve the error by launching the command prompt with administrative rights. Type the command Netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled and then finally restart or reconnect your internet connection successfully.

Solution 5: Disable the IPv6 of your Internet Connection

Step 1:Open the control panel and select the Network and internet option

Step 2: Further choose Network and sharing center

Step 3: Now click on your active network connection

Step 4: Select properties and switch to networking tab

Step 5: uncheck the IPv6 and click on OK

Solution 6: Perform installation process again of Network Adapter

Step 1: Go to start icon and in the search box look up for devmgmt.msc.

Step 2: Double-click to launch device manager

Step 3: look up for the Network adapter category and click on plus icon on its left

Step 4: Now right-click on the network adapter and select uninstall

Step 5: Restart computer and your network adapter will get automatically reinstalled

You can Contact Acer Support for fixing the technical error code 651 which is not getting resolved with the above steps mentioned. Therefore connecting with us will be the right decision as our efficient and experienced technicians guide you in the right direction of solving the error code 651. Communicate any hour of day and night as tech experts are available 24*7 around-the-clock to assist you with every possible method which can resolve the technical error.