How to Fix some common issues of Acer Ultrabook?

Acer a popular corporation specializing in advanced electronics technology. Their products include desktop, laptop, tablets, servers, storage devices, virtual reality devices, displays, smartphones, and peripherals. Acer ultrabook product is one of the popular and quality device with all advanced features. If you are the user of the same product and face some issues, then this post can help you in resolving them.

common issues of AcerUltrabook

Battery Issue:

Acer ultrabook use batteries that consist of lithium and ion cell. But under certain conditions, the battery of the device can start reporting incorrectly as a result of which it can suspend charging prematurely or die without any warning. This issue can be eliminated through a process called “calibration” which involves the act of fully discharging the battery and then charging it again.

You need to follow the steps mentioned below to fix the issue of the battery through the process of calibration:

  • Step1:First of all, you need to shut down your device properly.
  • Step2:Once you shut it down, plug in the AC adapter with your ultrabook.
  • Step3:You need to wait until the LED indicated that the battery of your device is fully charged.
  • Step4:In the next step, you need to turn on your device and unplug the adapter.
  • Step5:After removing the adapter, click on the battery icon present on your desktop and select the “More Power Options.”
  • Step6:In the next step, click on the radio button option which is present “More Power Options.”
  • Step7:Select the option of “Change When the Computer Sleeps” in the left pane.
  • Step8:Once you are done with the above step, use the drop-down list boxes to choose “Never” for each item in the column of “On Battery” and click on “Save Changes.”
  • Step9:In the next action, you need to click on the “Start” and type “cmd.”
  • Step10:Make a right click on the “cmd.exe” in the search results and then select “Run as Administrator.”
  • Step11:Enter powercfg.exe /hibernate off in the command prompt and press “Enter.”
  • Step12:Now, allow the battery of your device to drain completely.
  • Step13:Plug in the AC adapter and enable the battery to charge fully, completing thereby, completing the process of calibration.

 This method is useful in solving the battery problem in most of the cases.

Overheating issue:

The problem of overheating arises due to the dust and other particles clog on the vents, fan and exhaust port as a result restricting the airflow and cooling of the system. This issue can be resolved by easily blowing out the dust from the vents and fans. All you need to have is a holder for keeping the screws, thermal grease, screwdriver, earbud, soft object to scrape the old thermal grease and a brush. To do so, you need to follow the following step:

  • Step1: Back up your data before you start the process. Make sure that the backup is on an external device like an SD / USB or portable drive.
  • Step2: Use a soft cloth under a laptop in order to protect it because during the procedure it will be lying on the screen. Make sure that anything you use including your clothes does not generates static electricity.
  • Step3: Unplug the device from the power source and also remove the battery. You will find four screws at the bottom side of the system loosen them with the help of an appropriate screwdriver. Place them in holder once you remove them. You will notice dust clinging to the back cover. Clean the dust with the help of brush and ear-bud.
  • Step4: Locate the cooling unit and remove it screws. Gently hold this cooling unit and remove it from the laptop. Make sure that you remove it lightly because the power cable of the fan is still attached to the motherboard and needs to be removed before the unit will come out completely.
  • Step5:Using a brush or compressed air can blow off the dust from your ultrabook. Use the earbuds to clean the blades of the fan.
  • Step6: With the help of a scrape clean the old thermal grease. Be gentle, you can also use the Isopropyl alcohol wipes, or an earbud dipped in Isopropyl alcohol to remove the dried thermal grease. It will help you to remove the grease easily.
  • Step7: Use the wooden depressor and apply a small blob of thermal grease on the CPU and GPU. Make sure you do not apply much grease, or it may cause some issues.
  • Step8: Now connect back the cable of your fan and tighten back the screws of the device. Insert the battery of the device back to its place and make sure it is locked properly.
  • Step9: Plugin everything back into the system that needs to be connected and then turn the unit on.

Once you are done with the steps mentioned above, the problem of overheating will be eliminated from your device.

Motherboard issue:

The motherboard is a printed circuit board and is considered as the foundation of a computer, located on the back side or at the bottom of the computer body. It allocates power and supports communication to the CPU, RAM, and all other computer hardware components. To fix the 7 beep issue related to the motherboard of your device you need to have screwdrivers and a heating gun (needs to be able to put out around 350-400 degrees F)

You need to take the following steps if you want to fix a faulty motherboard yourself:

  • Step1: Disassemble the system to take out the motherboard out of the unit to get it fixed.
  • Step2: Locate the three chips that are together on the motherboard.
  • Step3: Apply the heating gun for 2-3 minutes on the sphere in question to reflow the solder connections.
  • Step 4: Reapply the thermal paste such as arctic silver for the best results of thermal conductivity, reattach the heat-sink and other things that you disconnected & boot the device to test your work.
  • Step5: If the same problems exist, you may not have left the heat gun on long enough, left it on for a little longer time. Repeat the same steps for round 2.

By following steps mentioned above, you can easily fix the common issues that befall in your Acer Ultrabook. But if a case, you are not able to solve it, you can take help from our technician. He will help you to get rid of such issues. Just use the mentioned contact details, Acer Support Number New Zealand will provide you the require help.