How to Fix Integrated Web Cam on Acer Laptop?

Acer is a popular computer brand having popular name all across Globe and in New Zealand. To fix Acer integrated or built-in Web Camera it is highly recommended to restore all the pictures, videos, and images very firstly when you find that your Acer Laptop Camera is not functioning. There can be many causes for the failure of the Web Camera as it is not working efficiently. One of the reasons can be the Acer Operating System upgraded to Windows 10. You will need professional help when you are not able to fix the Integrated Webcam technical issue. Acer has a wide range of the laptops all having the different and advanced level of specifications which require technician’s assistance for solving the technical issues be it with camera. For free of cost also you can get the fix done via following the mentioned blog steps. Hence enabling you to capture new images, connecting with dear and near ones over video call conversation. First you need to recover or have the backup of the photos via following the steps.

Fix Integrated Web Cam on Acer Laptop

Step 1:You need to select the disk or called location of lost camera photos and images and click on scan button.

Step 2:EasyUS data recovery Wizard will start a quick scan for fixing the issues; a deep scan will automatically launch to find more of files which have been lost.

Step 3:Need to preview the recoverable list of images and files one by one and select the wanted photos and documents to recover the button.

Step 4:Hence you should be able to recover data on different drive or memory card in case of failure.


Follow the Method to fix Acer Web Camera technical issue:

Method 1: Unlock the Camera when camera is not working well in you Windows OS 10

Step 1: Need to check for the camera is not locked or tuned off.

Step 2: Go to settings

Step 3: then in the settings tab select privacy

Step 4: Choose Camera

Step 5: In case it is camera off turn it ON


Method 2: Update the Camera drive in your OS Window 10 to solve WebCam not working issues

Step 1:Open the Computer Management and choose Device Manager 

Step 2:Need to click on Image devices and select the web camera driver

Step 3:Go to action option and click on legacy hardware

Step 4:Choose next and select the search for to install hardware automatically and click on next

Step 5:Choose imaging devices and click on next

Step 6:Find the camera driver which you want to install

Step 7: By clicking on next and let the system to install the camera driver with latest updates and hence click on finish


Avail Assistance for further issues via Acer Technical Support

When you are facing technical problems with the Acer notebook, you can dial Acer Laptop Support Phone Number to avail the help. You can also connect via online chat process or directly send a request to email for revert with support solution. Feel free to have the right kind of assistance for fixing the damaged Acer Web camera or not working issues contact us @ 098015144.