How to do Acer Laptop Screen Repair or Replace?

A cracked or broken screen is not usable and also causes many other issues one such is to your eyes. Here you find the steps to fix the broken or cracked screen. Or simply you can get it replaced as well. Before you move further for replacing the Laptop screen, you must have the full inspection to ensure the screen seriously needed a replacement. As if the graphics card is damaged on the laptop motherboard you would be wasting time and effort in replacing the perfectly good looking screen. And in case the laptop met with an accident such as of fall off from the bed or table which possibly damaged the screen for which you want to double check for other damage along with the screen. To ensure the former one that is the graphics card is functioning well or not, you can plug the same in either in some other monitor or TV into the laptop. And is the picture being displayed on external is fine then you must be sure on graphics card is working well and Acer Laptop Screen is at risk.


Find the replacement to broken Acer Laptop Screen

Before you begin to fix the cracked Acer Laptop Screen you must make sure have the specified tools and new screen. It is recommended to have a screw driver with a variety of small bits such as Philips #00 and Torx T5. It will be good to have thin metal blades or plastic spudgers. As it is also used to remove the trim which is surrounding the screen. And as for LCD replacement, you either to buy a newly from the manufacturer or third party authorized by the procurers. Regardless of all simple and straightforward thing is to have the screen matching with the Acer broken laptop.

Steps to fix the broken Acer laptop Screen:

Step 1: Remove the screen bezel from your Acer Laptop. After disconnecting the Laptop from the power supply and also removing the battery very carefully, you can examine the bezel which surrounds the screen. Bezel is removed to access the screws that hold the LCD panel in place

Step 2: Remove the broken LCD by taking it out from LCD panel. With LCD’s mounting brackets exposed you need to remove the screws that are secured to the lid. Next is to carefully rest the display front-side down on the table and disconnect the attached cable. In case the laptop is manufactured before 2010 then LCD has two connected cables and if later then one. Next is to locate the manufacture model number to have the exact screen for replacement.

Step 3: You can need to install the new LCD panel after unpacking the newly purchased screen you must unwrap it and place it in the place. If the dimensions, mounting brackets and connector if meeting the match you should be ready to install the screen and connect the new panel with the cable and position it well and secure it using the screw and driver

Step 4: Now you can test the LCD panel and reinstall the bezel after reattaching the bezel it is always better to check the correct working of the new bezel. You must reconnect the battery and power on the cable and turn on the machine and check for the successful functioning of the Acer Laptop Screen. Reattach the bezel and any external screws and rubber cushions.

Online Remote Assistance to Acer Support Laptop

As the fixes are not going in your favor, you can call to technicians to get the repair done effortlessly. You can communicate to experienced tech experts any hour of day and night to get the screen repaired. Drop an email message to customer support email id address and have support for the issues. You can also have communication via online chat process. Technicians are available 24*7 around-the-clock to assist you for the screen replacement. Feel free to visit Acer Support Number NZ or dial our toll-free number 098015144.