How to Fix Acer Aspire HDCP Error?

HDCP stated as High-bandwidth content Protection is a form of Digital Rights Management. DRM protocol is designed to protect content creators and distributors against piracy. HDCP is an anti-piracy protocol which is used by HDMI devices. It is similar to the cable that is put into place to prevent the piracy. For users who are not dealing with theft, this causes a lot of problems to them. For instance, you can visualize the error when you are trying to hanger up chromecast or Amazon fire TV to an old HDTV that is too old to follow the standard as these devices are of part HDMI. Sometime when there is a device in a way that is not HDCP complaint than also you might get an error stating: Error: NON-HDCP OUTPUT or HDCP Error. The error completely stops you from using the device and might even make you feel you need to buy a new one such as new HDTV.

Fix Acer Aspire HDCP Error

Let’s understand what HDCP means?

High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection as the name says it’s a type of DRM. That is intended to prevent piracy by providing an encrypted tunnel between an output device and receiving at the other end. Similar to how DRM stops someone from sharing the downloaded movies from iTunes unless the computer is playing it has been successfully authorized by the account that bought it. Your HDCP devices only work if other cables and devices within the setup also have HDCP complaint

Saying, in other words, is in case any cable or device isn’t HDCP complaint then you will get an HDCP error. The thing is true for Roku Streaming Stick, audio-video receivers and most other modern high-definition device or players that interface with those devices.

Troubleshooting HDCP Error With your Acer Aspire Laptop:

You can either get the new hardware that is not HDCP complaint or uses an HDMI splitter that ignores HDCP request. In case you are following the HDMI splitter then you need to position between the output and input devices. Consider an example which is Chromecast that can’t be connected to your laptop because of HDCP errors connect the Chromecast to the input port of splitter and need to run a different HDMI cable from the output port of splitter into your laptop HDMI slot.

In case of a request for HDCP device which is no longer transferred from sender because the splitter stops it from moving between the devices.

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