How to Fix Acer Laptop Adapter issues?

Fix your Acer Laptop Charger which is either damaged, not charging or having broken cable. As you have noticed the battery is not charging as there is no change or blink but the charging light is on. Hence, you need to fix your Acer Laptop Adapter power cord that hasn’t been supplying consistent power, and you are facing issues as you not able to charge the Acer machine. You have tried many ways to charge your laptop battery with fondling of the cable into this and that position but fails in the attempt. But now you can get the broken cable fixed at no charge or cost only required is some patience and basic knowledge along with tools. After getting the fix done, you can now charge your Acer Laptop without facing any technical issues. Find the break in cable where it is. To do so, you need to check it thoroughly for a break in the coaxial cable, be it near the adapter instead of near the laptop pin.

Fix Acer Laptop Adapter Repair

Steps to repair the Acer Laptop broken Adapter:

Step 1: You need to setup and evaluate some tools such as the chisel, hacksaw, electrical tape, wire cutters, strippers, flat head screwdriver, monkey wrenches for prying and arrange it on the table where you will continue the further processing.

Step 2: You need to open the Acer Laptop adapter box which you can do with grooving and help of chisel safely. After the opening, the two shell halves will remain attached to each other. Hence, a slow and steady approach will help you to twist of a broad flat-headed screwdriver at each corner and pull out to enable the box finally open

Step 3:Check thoroughly for the Acer adapter from inside and make sure all things are working fine.

Step 4: Fix the broken cable which is coiled slightly from inside the box. You need to cut down the strain relief from where it was breaking. Unwrap the strain relief of the coaxial cable with the help of razor blade. You must keep the strain relief off the coaxial cable so it can be used later.

Step 5: Now you need to shut the box after the fix is done. You might be lucky enough as other key damages could have also happened for such as the burning of any capacitor or chips. You can use black e-tape for finishing the procedure

Call to Acer Support Number New Zealand for Services

In case you are failing in resolving the Acer Laptop broken cable you can connect with our technicians for proper guidance. To communicate with our technical expert tech team you need to either dial our toll-free number or connect via online chat process. You can also drop an email to our id address. Feel yourself free to get connected and have proper and immediate assistance for solving the broken Adapter. With no more delay get the issues set immediately.