How to fix projector problems with the help of Troubleshooting?

Technology and innovation have given us numerous gadgets which have made our life easy. It has changed the way of our working and living. One such device which brought efficiency in communicating with a vast crowd is the projector. Now you can address tremendous amount of people in a single go with the help of this gadget. There are several brands which you can prefer such as Acer, Viewsonic, Mitsubishi, and Hitachi. They have offered class apart range at an affordable price to consumers. But issues can come up with any device as they are inevitable. In this article, we have discussed some common problems along with solutions which any user can encounter while using a projector. Now without spending money on an expert, you can fix these issues on your own with these methods. Following is the list of problems which we will review:

  • Distorted colors of an image
  • Lines and dots on the picture
  • Overheating
  • Device turning on and off frequently
  • Unable to show an image
  • Shadows on the image
  • Dull photos
  • Inputs not working
  • Colors appearing around the edges
  • Broken lamp door switch
  • Issue 1: Distorted colors of an image

Sometimes a faulty cable can be responsible for the bad color display. Check the projector cables for ruling out a situation of a damaged wire. If cables are the reason then by replacing them, you can fix this issue quickly. If the problem persists then it is possible that color wheel or the main board has malfunctioned.

  • Issue 2: Lines and dots on the picture

When the main board collapses, then you can face problems like lines and dots on the images. In some models of projectors, this component may cost you high. Contemplate all the options of replacement and then choose as it might happen that buying a main board will be equivalent to purchasing a new gadget.

  • Issue 3: Overheating

If the vents are obstructed, or the fan is not working properly, then your device may face overheating issues. Fans are responsible for keeping projectors cool when they are being used. In case if the fan is working correctly then clean the vents and make sure that there is no obstruction in their way. Also, ensure that the device is not exposed to sunlight as it can also lead to overheating issues.

  • Issue 4: Device turning on and off frequently

Faulty power supply or damaged cables, as well as connection issues, any one of these reasons, can be responsible for frequent shutdowns. First, check if the device is getting a power supply and ensure that all the cables are intact. Check if the wires are correctly connected.

  • Issue 5: Unable to show an image

If you have encountered this situation, then there can be two causes behind it. One is the faulty cables, and another is malfunctioned lamp ballast unit or the lamp itself. Here, take a close look at the wires and make sure that they are not damaged as well as correctly connected. If the problem is related to the lamp ballast unit then most probably lamp will also not work. In this case, you will require a replacement. Contemplate all available options and then choose wisely as these parts may cost you high.

  • Issue 6: Shadows on the image

This problem is associated with projector’s main or minor board. Here, proper evaluation of the gadget will be required to eliminate any doubt as in such cases replacement is the only option. You will find budget-friendly alternatives in the market for purchasing a minor board, but the main board will be an expensive purchase. In this situation, consider buying a new unit instead of getting a new component as there is very less difference in between the price quotes.

  • Issue 7: Dull photos

If you are using LCD projectors, then you may encounter this issue. When pictures get dull, then it is possible that the lamp has collapsed. Here, replacing the part can fix this problem. Makes sure that you get the exact match of a lamp with projector model otherwise the purchase will be a waste of money as the device will not perform up to the mark.

  • Issue 8: Inputs not working

Check if the inputs are connected accurately. Sometimes a faulty connection can be the reason behind problems. If there is no issue with the connectivity then again this problem is related to the main board.

  • Issue 9: Colors appearing around the edges

Usually, this problem arises in LCD projectors as they use a prism for color display. If it becomes faulty, then you will see colors appearing at the edge of images. This component is expensive, so replacement should be considered only when you are sure that any other reason is not responsible for this issue. Here also you have to contemplate options as you can also buy a new product instead of the part.

  • Issue 10: Broken lamp door switch

You can resolve this problem with the help of a new interlock switch. This component is available in the market at affordable prices easily. Keep a keen eye on finding a perfect match with a model as only then you can drive the best output from your projector.

If the problem endures then it is possible that the damage is critical or need expert assistance. Here contacting a service provider will be a wise choice as products like projectors are expensive investments. With a trusted service partner you can be sure of genuine parts and services.