How to Repair Acer Laptop Motherboard?

One of the worst that can happen with your fine and successful working Acer Laptop is a failure in Motherboard. A Laptop motherboard failure that is out of warranty would cause you in big trouble as the charge is also high as might be you think of purchasing the new one. But before you must perform some troubleshooting steps and chances of fixing the motherboard can be high. In case the Acer Laptop Motherboard is damaged, and repair is beyond as the device fall off the table hence broken the internal components of the Laptop. In that case, you would need to consider buying a new and latest version technology. A Motherboard is the main printed circuit board of the computer system. It holds and allows communication between the many of electronic components of network such as CPU and memory. It is also a connector for other peripherals and is responsible for the functioning of others.


Symptoms that signs Motherboard is at fault:

  • As you switched on the Laptop by the light and fan also start to spin but there is complete black-out on the computer screen with the hard drive been in continuous working within 10-15secs
  • Initial startup functions appeared on the screen like indicative light, fan and hard drive but disappears after a while i.e. 3-5minutes
  • When you hear a high pitched sound that comes from your laptop when you switch on by pressing the power button
  • And the very common is on switching on the system nothing happens

What causes your Acer Laptop Motherboard for a failure can be found from the following list:

  • Fluctuation of electric and voltage
  • Might be affected with dust particles, smoke, and other unwanted particles
  • Fan failure also often causes overheating issues which damages the motherboard component
  • Final can be a crash or physical damage

Steps to troubleshoot Acer Laptop Motherboard Repair:

Step 1: Checking the Monitor of the Laptop. Perhaps the laptop screen might not be on when a powered button was on. You must make sure the cable is connected properly, and there should not any lose connection. Hence if any unplug and plug the cable back

Step 2:Need to check the Graphic hardware as well. In case the Ace Laptop motherboard is having the graphics card take it out and plug it back in its place from the monitor video cable into the motherboard and then restart the system. In case the laptop boots up successfully you have a damaged graphic card that needs to be repaired or replaced

Step 3: Go through the Internal Hardware. When additional internal hardware is connected to your Acer Laptop. Foraamotherboard to operate successfully following components are required such as RAM, Processor, Fan, SPMS. Check for the added hardware after removing them and try turning the laptop on and see it if it boots normally. If it works successfully than you can repair that affected hardware component

Step 4: Check for Battery. Make the reason for the Motherboard not working can be CMOS battery is drained. To check need to remove the battery and then start with the cable connected to key power

Step 5: Check for Random Access Memory as it is one of the most common as it might be dead and causing motherboard functioning failure. In case your laptop is having two RAM then you need to test each by removing from the system and restart the laptop system.

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